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January 2008

How the live view A300 and A350 will work

5 comments to How the live view A300 and A350 will work

  • Glyn R

    As an E-330 User I have found the Live view mode A which is similar to A-350 to be very useful, my camera is set on this mode as default. The lack of DOF preview etc is a problems sometimes but mostly not at all so the A350 system will work fine for most of the time. The E-330 has another live view Mode B which is like the Canon system. The mirror locks up and the viewfinder is blacked out. The screen image is 100% of the main sensor. The big attraction of this system is the selectable area which can be blown up 10X for focusing macro. Hav ing thought about it I use the Mode A (A-350 type) most of the time. Both are no substitute for a good TTL viewfinder.

  • admin

    The Live View is bound to black out during the picture, because the mirror will lift, and it must disppear like any prism view. I have not used or handled a camera as no samples are available yet in the UK. First, there may be a delay in restoring the video feed; secondly, it is possible the processor shares somes functions but this seems unlikely; thirdly, you must be able to review the captured image and this of course would interrupt Live View too unless disabled. I would not imagine that Live View can be used for continuous sequences, but the same applies to other types of Live View as well – they simply are not intended for action sequence shooting even if you can make some use of them.


  • Frank43

    I have read in the latest issue of Chasseur d’Images that the liveview screens blacks out for one second after taking a picture. Would this mean that in continuous shooting, liveview is continuously black? This would be a deal breaker for me.

    Their explanation is that the processor must complete the processing of the image before restoring the liveview functionality.

    None of the previews of the A350 that I have read mention this problem. I wonder if Chasseur d’images did not have a very early pre-release sample.

    Did you have a chance to test the A350? Did you notice anything like that?

  • alexramos

    David, what sensor use both camera for LV? and the CCD 14MPx is a new sensor??

    Grat article…

  • It’s pretty cool anyway, DK. I have made a boatload of great macro and semi macro, and even street images with the Minolta 7hi and it’s tilting viewfinder. This seems to be a great way to use some good glass and take advantage of the cropability and easy post production tweaks offered by the large raw files.

    I may try one of these cheap lv cameras, the prospect of good glass and the moveable screen will allow me to get some stuff easily, stuff that normally would take some extra work with the A700 or other non-live-view cameras.

    Quick work on this one, DK.