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April 2009

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It’s been a marathon exercise – all 18 editions of Photoworld, from the time of the Konica Minolta merger to our last (January) back issue, have been converted to a really great readable format (using Flash Player) which you can view via your web browser, print out or download for off-line reading. We have now added five more earlier editions of MINOLTA IMAGE, taking the archive back to December 2002 – plus two compendiums of reviews and articles from our other magazines.

The cost to access all these back issues – over 750 pages, fantastic portfolios, technical reports and tests covering the entire history of the Alpha digital system – is just £10 (by Paypal) and also gets you a full year of new Photoworld issues in advanced of the mailed copy. Or instead of it, if you prefer to subscribe this way. £25 now buys the postal magazine subscription plus the e-version and archives, worldwide.

All future editions of Photoworld will also be published in this form – and if you buy a subscription, you will automatically get an email notifying you when it’s available.

It takes a fair time to prepare and convert each one, I’d love to provide all these free just like the website but we do need to eat!

Here is the separate link the latest issue:

PW 2009 #2
PW 2009 #2

and here is a direct link to the Subscription option:

PW Subscribe
PW Subscribe

Finally, in response to demand (and to resolve a possible ambiguity) here is an option to buy a subscription covering the digital edition, plus the printed one:

PW Digital + Printed
PW Digital + Printed


5 comments to Subscribe to Photoworld digital editions

  • admin

    OK, I have created a second option which includes both printed and digital editions. However, it is a losing option for me because of postage costs and YUDU’s 25% commission. £25 is the lowest possible and it is not a big saving on a basic sub plus the digital one paid separately.


  • vikingodos

    Hi David
    re the on line bit if you are already a subscriber do you have access to the on-line edition or is only new subscriptions or a specific new sub for on-line. i am probably being a bit slow but I can’t work it out.

  • admin

    We have now changed the YUDU site – renaming the editions so I can add more. Also, I’ve decided to make the access based on a reasonable annual subscription. It is possible to host more than just magazines on YUDU and I’ll be looking at possibility of image files, videos etc within the scope of the subscription.


  • admin

    It’s worse – the Yudu site just shows ‘Photoworld…’ under each thumbnail! I probably can not change the title of these, but in future, I will put the date element first.


  • .

    Thank you David — beautiful and quite a treasure as always.

    Note that the last digit of the year is missing from the ZIP files on yudu.

    Photoworld January 2008 =

    Photoworld January 2009 =

    Why not just use 2008-01 and 2009-01 as the dates in the filenames, and not the month names?