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November 2017

Sony is ready to launch a GPS module

2 comments to Sony is ready to launch a GPS module

  • I vote with two hands for an on-camera GPS device and do hope it will be backward compatible (i.e. usable on a7rii and older models).

  • Roman Štědronský

    I have A77 and the main reason I have not upgraded / shifted to mirrorless stuff with E-mount yet is lack of bult-in GPS. I am addicted to simplicity of recording position with my old A77, it is invaluable not only for my personal purposes but also for placing photos to Google Maps. Be forced to use separate electronic device which is known for poor stamina (mobile phone) is break-dealing. And I don’t understand Sony why they took it off and did not offer external module especially when the are ready fot that!

    So I hope your speculation will turn into a fullfilled prophecy over time. 🙂